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Friday, December 14, 2007

You can't get something for nothing

The market seems to be absolutely focused on the Fed.

Everyone seems to think the Fed has the power to make or break the economy, get lending moving again, support the dollar, etc.

The fact is, the Fed doesn't have that much power. If you don't believe me, go read John Hussman's article on the subject, or read any of his recent weekly commentaries that address the issue.

The thing that surprises me is how many people believe the Fed can take action with no seeming repercussions. As if the Fed could move interest rates, or lend money to banks without any adverse reaction.

The reality is that the Fed can only take action with consequences, just like the rest of us mortals.

When the Fed offers liquidity, they are printing money and creating inflation.

In the long run, the Fed doesn't matter much, although they do have a short term psychological impact on the market.

Even worse than that, the Fed's actions almost always come with some downside, and that long term impact can be profited from by smart investors.

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